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Dear Reader:

I came from India to the U.S. as a young bride in an arranged marriage 36 years ago. Although all my adult life has been spent in the U.S., specifically New Jersey, my Indian heritage is a part of me that never diminishes. Consequently it has become the natural basis for my writing. As an Indian-American woman, I straddle two distinctly different cultures, both equally rich, both with their share of woes and quirks, yet both equally intriguing.

My writing career is a “menopausal epiphany,” because I started writing at the age of 50, when most women are dreaming of taking it easy, perhaps retire in a few years. What started as a pleasant pastime exploded into a second full-time career.

All my books are what I call “Bollywood in a Book”—stories filled with emotion, drama, vivid characters, the elements of Indian culture, and a romantic thread running through their fabric. My latest book, THE UNEXPECTED SON, is very much a product of my fascination with Bollywood and its bright spectrum of colors.

I decided to base my first two novels in India, and I used my hometown as the backdrop. I gave it a fictitious name, but I had a perfect little town with all its gossip, conservatism, colors, and sharp contrasts to draw upon for my stories. My characters are not based on any real people, but I could easily picture them living in my town, doing the things I did when I was growing up.

As a change of scene and pace, my third novel was set in the U.S., my home state of New Jersey, which is abundantly populated by Indians who have immigrated from different parts of India.

THE UNEXPECTED SON is my fourth book, and it is partly set in New Jersey and partly in India. My heroine is forced to return to her battle-scarred town in India to rectify a mistake she’d made 30 years ago, when she a young and naive teenager—and meet the son she never knew existed.

This book has garnered great early reviews, many with 5 Stars, and one Perfect 10.

I will be giving away two autographed copies of THE UNEXPECTED SON to two lucky winners amongst the readers who ENTER TO WIN!

Read an excerpt from THE UNEXPECTED SON and view the book trailer on my website at

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15 Responses to “Dear Reader, from Shobhan Bantwal”
  1. hotcha1 says:


  2. Lauraine says:

    I am looking forward to reading the next book. The two I have read so far have been fabulous!

  3. Stacie says:

    I totally fell in love with your writing when I read “The Sari Shop Widow” I can’t wait for this book to come out!!

  4. Suzannah says:

    Shobhan~ ‘Bollywood in a Book’ is a perfect name for wonderful and emotional read of all your stories. Good luck dear, and many success.

  5. Shobhan,

    THE UNEXPECTED SON sounds intriguing. How does a female not know she had a baby? Or was she told the baby had died?

    I’, looking forward to reading the book.

  6. Judy Cox says:

    Your books look like very good reads!! Congrats on the great reviews on The Unexpected Son. I enjoyed the excerpt and the book trailer.

  7. Pat Cochran says:

    This sounds like a most intriguing tale, I look forward to reading the book!
    Thanks so much for your generosity to the readers!

    Pat Cochran

  8. Lisa Delloro says:

    I can not wait to get your new book…I’m so excited it read it! I hope you are working on book #5!

  9. Congrats on the wonderful reviews. I know this will be as good as all your other novels which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

  10. Kathye Quick says:

    Shobhan – your books are always fabulous. Can’t wait to get one at the LSFW meeting coming up this fall.

  11. qstop says:

    Looking forward to reading the book!

  12. Anne Walradt says:

    Shobhan–Great premise. I look forward to reading this one as I’ve so much enjoyed your others!

  13. lorettaC says:

    I would love to read this book. I tried to read the excerpt but kept getting an error, I will go to your website.


  14. Rossy says:

    Just read the excerpt and now i really want the book. Congratulations!

  15. Thank you for the great comments and enthusiastic support, everyone. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading THE UNEXPECTED SON as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m so happy to be on Books on the House with Misa Ramirez, my host, a delightful author, and good friend.

    Don’t forget to go to my website: for more information.

    Shobhan Bantwal

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