Why advertise on Books on the House?

We are a steadily growing site devoted to talking about books, books, and more books!

Current site views per month are currently averaging 18,000+

A new book(s) is featured every week.

Sponsor Perks

~ Sponsors/book titles will be tweeted at least 3 times per week

~ Spot placement is based on first come first serve basis


Advertising Options

Top Banner ~ $45. / month

Top 3 Ad Spaces in either sidebar  ~ $40 / month

This above the fold spot is subject to availability.  There may be a waiting list.

Regular Ad Column ~ below the fold spt ~ $20 / month

Custom Banners ~ If you need a custom top banner created, the price is $40


Details & Payment Options

  • Ads are intended for authors, publishers, and other industry-related people
  • Payment must be made prior to the ad’s start.
  • Ad campaigns may begin at any time of the month and will be prorated to the nearest week.

Paypal Subscription Ads ~ Use the subscribe button below once your ad is ready ~ email to editor [at] booksonthehouse [dot]com

Invoiced Ads – If you prefer a typical invoiced ad or if you choose a top space ad, just email me with the following info:

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