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Dear Reader:

Did you ever put your whole body in and shake it all about?

I did.  In fact, I grew up going to skating rinks.  No surprise.  My mother is a former World Champion Artistic Roller Skater.  Trust me when I say a lot of my childhood days were spent inside skating counter clockwise to the dulcet tones of The Village People.

My mother is stunning doing spins and jumps.  I — fall.  Well, not all the time, but get me doing anything fancy and I’ll end up dusting the floor with my backside.  Still, I didn’t let my lack of skating talent take away from my love of the sport.  Roller rinks are a wonderful place for families, parties and just plain fun, which is probably why I wrote a mystery smack dab in the middle of one.

Rebecca Robbins in a woman on a mission — to sell the roller rink she inherited from her mother and get back to Chicago.  Fast.  However, when she discovers a dead body headfirst in a rink toilet, potential buyers freak.  Now Rebecca is stuck in a small town where her former neighbors thing she doesn’t belong, living with her scarily frisky grandfather, Pop, and relying on a police department that is better at gardening than solving crimes.  Eager to move forward with her life, Rebecca begins investigating the murder, reluctantly accepting help from Pop and his extensive social network, which includes a handsome veterinarian and a former circus camel named Elwood. Nevertheless, someone isn’t happy she’s looking into the case, and their threats will have her questioning whether playing sleuth was such a good idea after all.

“Funny and sexy with a teasing mystery.”  - Kirkus Reviews

“…a sparkling mystery featuring a spirited heroine and a small town populated with lively characters.” – New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“…a must read for all fans of Janet Evanovich.” –Victoria Thompson, author of Murder on Waverly Place

Skating Around The Law is the first of the Rebecca Robbins mysteries.  This series probably wasn’t what my mother intended for me all those years ago at the rink, but I’ve love every minute of writing it.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Happy reading,



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3 Responses to “Letter to Readers, from Joelle Charbonneau”
  1. Beverly G says:

    im a subscriber/follower sounds like an awesome book

  2. Kathye Quick says:

    SOunds like a hoot. Wishing you more great reviews and mega sales

  3. Hi Beverly! I’m glad you think it sounds like fun. I had a great time writing it.

    Kathye – Thanks for the well-wishes. I hope you get some laughs if you read it.

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