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Dear Readers,

Meet Savannah Martin: new-minted Realtor® and Southern Belle, part Stephanie Plum and part Sarah Booth Delaney.

Savannah has always done the right thing: she dated her brother’s best friend in high school, before going on to finishing school in Charleston. She made her debut at the Christmas Cotillion in Savannah and then she married Bradley Ferguson: a lawyer like her dad, tall, blond and handsome, from another old Southern family that could trace its antecedents back to the War Against Northern Oppression.

She has tried hard to be perfect, in the belief that if she does everything right, she’ll have the perfect life she’s always dreamed of. But it all goes down the drain when she discovers that her perfect husband is a low-down, cheating skunk, and bad in bed to boot.

All of that takes place before chapter one of A Cutthroat Business. The book is about what happens when Savannah picks up the pieces and starts over, on her own for the first time in her life, questioning all her assumptions and everything she’s always taken for granted.

I knew I couldn’t hold back in coming up with a new love interest for Savannah. He couldn’t be just anybody. No, he had to be the last man on earth Margaret Anne Martin, Savannah’s perfect mother, would want her daughter to get involved with.

So that’s how Rafael Collier came to be. He’s Margaret Anne’s worst nightmare. African-American on his father’s side of the family and white trash on his mother’s, he’s six feet three inches of testosterone and trouble: tall, dark and dangerous, with a murky past and no future. Certainly not the kind of guy a well-bred Southern Belle should want to tangle with, in any sense of the word. Yet everywhere Savannah turns, there he is, and making no bones about what he wants from her. And at every turn, he manages to challenge more of her beliefs and upset more of her preconceptions.

As a writer, the concept of opposites attracting is pure gold. There’s conflict inherent right from the start when you’re dealing with people of different backgrounds, different cultures, and different beliefs. That’s the kind of conflict that can drive a story. But more than that, the idea that love can conquer all obstacles—whether it’s romantic love or friendship or some other strong bond—makes my heart beat faster and gives me hope that maybe one day, we can all figure out a way to get along.

If that sounds like something you might like as well, along with a strong dose of sexual tension and a lot of laughter, why don’t you stop by my website and see if A Cutthroat Business is for you?



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2 Responses to “Letter to Readers from Jenna Bennett”
  1. randi says:

    this sounds like my kind of book!! Thanks

  2. Nancy says:

    Sounds like a book for me!!

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