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4 copies of Real Live Boyfriends will be given away Wednesday, January 19th!

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Readers, Activists, Miscreants, All –

My newest book about Ruby Oliver is Real Live Boyfriends, and it’s in stores, now.

It’s been a crazy four-book ride with Roo, starting with The Boyfriend List, in which she

  • lost her boyfriend
  • lost all her friends
  • lost her reputation
  • lost her mind–

and started to rebuild. She survives the drama by writing copious footnotes, keeping a multitude of lists, and maintaining her idiosyncratic sense of humor.

These books were fun to write because I got to invent all kinds of slang and write down any little side thought I had in a footnote.  Also in each book, more ridiculous characters came to life: Robespierre the pygmy goat, Greg the plant-loving shut-in, Meghan the oblivious boy-magnet, Polka the doofy great dane, Elaine the meatloaf-loving performance artist.

I get tons of mail saying people wish Ruby was their best friend, but I think what they mean is that they want to live in her world. I’ve loved living there, while writing. And I hope you do.


E. Lockhart

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