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Nine years after Mibs’s Savvy journey, her cousin Ledge has just turned thirteen . . .

But Ledger Kale’s savvy is a total dud–all he does is make little things fall apart. So his parents decide it’s safe to head to Wyoming, where it’s soon revealed that Ledge’s savvy is much more powerful than anyone thought. Worse, his savvy disaster has an outside witness: Sarah Jane Cabot, reporter wannabe and daughter of the local banker. Just like that, Ledge’s beloved normal life is over. Now he has to keep Sarah from turning family secrets into headlines, stop her father from foreclosing on Uncle Autry’s ranch, and scumble his savvy into control so that, someday, he can go home.

Starring a cast both fresh and familiar, Scumble brilliantly melds Ingrid Law’s signature heart and humor with the legendary Wild West.


Official Savvy/Scumble website from Penguin Young Readers Group:

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From School Library Journal~

Gr 4-7–In this rollicking companion novel to Savvy (Dial, 2008), nine years have passed since Ledger Kale’s cousin Mibs turned 13 and began her magical experience. Since he was a young boy, Ledge knew his family was unlike others, with each member gaining an unusual and often unpredictable power, called a savvy, upon turning 13. He hoped that his would enable him to be supersonically swift and race marathons with his dad. Unfortunately, it seems just to entail breaking things. When the Kales travel to Wyoming for a wedding, Ledger’s newly found savvy wreaks havoc upon the ceremony and its guests and levels the barn on his Uncle Autry’s farm. The disaster has an unwelcome witness, Sarah Jane Cabot, daughter of a wannabe-reporter and local businessman. As Ledge’s savvy grows by monumental and ever more destructive proportions, his family decides that he needs to stay on his uncle’s farm until he learns to scumble (control) it, and he fears he’ll be condemned to stay there forever. Ledge’s need to scumble is a race against time before Sarah Jane figures out the family’s peculiar secrets, or her father follows through with foreclosing of the family farm. Law’s vibrant storytelling and cast of likable characters will keep readers hooked throughout. The title stands alone in its fast-paced plot with twists and turns galore, and readers familiar with Savvy will eat it up and wish for more.

Other Reviews:

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Review quotes about Ingrid’s writing:

From School Library Journal (for Savvy):

“…Law has a feel for characters and language that is matched by few.”

From Booklist (for Scumble):

“While adult readers will see this all as a beautiful conceptualization of the drama and metamorphosis of adolescence, younger readers will delight in the tall-tale tropes and Ledge’s authentic physical, emotional, and artistic challenges.”

From Publisher’s Weekly (for Scumble):

“The story’s chief appeal lies in Law’s talents as a yarn-spinner, and the worth-repeating message about making peace with who you are.”

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  1. librarypat says:

    My grandson is the perfect age for this series. I’ll be looking for Savvy to get him started.
    I am a Subscriber and a Follower.

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