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Y.S. Lee, author of THE AGENCY: A Spy in the House, a YA mystery series, is in our house!

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It is May 1858, the beginning of London’s “Great Stink” — a blend of river pollution and heat wave that paralyzes the city. Tucked in the attic of a nondescript girls’ boarding school is the Agency, an intelligence service with a difference: it’s an elite, all-female group of private investigators with a reputation for getting things done. And it’s just hired a hotheaded, 17-year-old ex-thief whose on-the-job training goes completely wrong…

New agent Mary Quinn’s task is to pose as a lady’s companion and observe a merchant suspected of smuggling. But this straightforward assignment goes awry when Mary gets impatient and exceeds her mandate. Almost immediately, she finds competition in the shape of James Easton, an arrogant young man who’s doing some snooping of his own. They first tangle — literally — in a closet.

When pressed, Mary reluctantly joins forces with James. But as useful as the partnership may be, it’s also dangerous: their mutual attraction threatens to distract them from the real secrets of the merchant’s household. Eventually, they reveal a plot that threatens James’s life, as well as Mary’s own dark secrets…

Click here to read an excerpt from A SPY IN THE HOUSE

What Kind of Writer are You? An interview with Ying Lee.

Interview at Book Lovers Inc.

“Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Victorians“, a series of mini-essays Ying wrote for the Spy blog tour.

Ying is running a contest to give away 2 ARCs of The Body at the Tower (coming in August), the sequel to A Spy in the House!  Be sure to hop over to her contest site and ENTER!!!

A selection of recent reviews.

A couple of Ying’s favourite interviews:



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  1. Dee Ann says:

    I recently discovered Books on the House and now anxiously await each new book feature. My list of books to read and recommend is growing. I was pleased to be able to post about your site in my summer reading series on Wondersome Storytime – http://www.wondersomestorytime.com I can’t wait to see what new novel will be featured next week. Thanks for supporting good children’s and young adult literature.

  2. misskallie2000 says:

    I am a follower and subscriber.

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