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This week, Books on the House is SO excited to have Decadent Publishing in the house as a Spotlight Publisher.  It’s Sci-Fi day, so be settle in for a star ride you won’t want to miss.  And be sure to ENTER TO WIN some of the amazing titles Decadent Publishing is giving away this week!

All winners will be announced next Wednesday, and there will be quite a few!

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from Decadent Publishing!!

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Decadent Publishing’s Speculative Fiction authors are meeting today at a café in one of the out-lying galaxies. They dish about their own books, their favorite sci-fi and steampunk books, and who is cooler— Mr. Spock or Dr. Who?

I look around the Galaxy Café. The café is bustling with interstellar cultures. Small hoverwaits float from table to table, taking coffee and dessert orders. A silver one zips up to me.

“I’ll have a cup of Star-Blaster,” I say.

“Anything else,” a smooth voice slips from the robot.

“Yes, I have friends joining me, so they’ll want to order, too.”

The hoverwait buzzes across the café to the four-armed woman running the counter and bakery.

I turn and gaze out the force-field window. The burst of sapphire, green and orange is beautiful, and I squint against its brightness. The googolplex of stars, the vast galaxies full of life, supernovas, planets and intelligent life is mind-boggling.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve neglected to introduce myself. My name is Azura Ice. I’m here waiting for my fellow Decadent Publishing speculative fiction authors to arrive. Today, our mission is to share our thoughts about speculative fiction with you, the reader, and to inspire one another.


Ah, my partner in speculative crime: Ms. Maria MoonStar. We’re co-authors, A Blue Ice and Maria Moon Star, for a series at Decadent called The Sky Streamers. Our first book is Conquering Venus, which is erotic end-of-world/sci-fi with a splash of time travel. The series will cover several forms of spec fiction, and book two will involve the old west, steampunk, het and m/m romance. Conquering Venus is due for release June 17th.

Maria sits next to me as three more Decadent authors hurry through the crowded café.

“Hi ladies,” I call out to Maureen O. Betita, Clare Dargin, and Julie Particka.

Once orders are placed, we sit back admiring the brilliant colors beyond the window.

“So,” I say, “what has everyone been working on the last few weeks?”

“Hot sci-fi!” the women say simultaneously and burst out laughing.

The hoverwait returns, and Maureen reaches for her cup of Planetary Delight. Maureen is the author of The Ship’s Mistress, followed by The Sister’s Story.

“What about you, Maureen?” I ask. “Writing anything to go with your super hot sci-fi romances?”

She nods. “I so enjoyed creating the Etwan universe and felt there were still so many questions to answer. So, I went back in time and am working on the first contact story. How the human colonies were stranded and what happened when the Etwan found them. It’s proving a challenge, but not without its rewards!”

Everyone murmurs about how cool her new w.i.p. sounds.

“What is it that draws you to writing spec fiction?” I question Maureen.

“I grew up watching science fiction on television and reading it. My father was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club practically from the moment it started and our bookshelf was full of wonderful authors. Between reading Clifford D. Simak, A.E. VanVogt and Arthur C. Clark and watching Star Trek, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel and everything Irwin Allen was behind… I was practically born with a love of science fiction.” She chooses a moon drop cookie from the cookie basket. “The romance of this genre isn’t just in the journey but who you take the journey with and what you discover at the end. Which is where the romance comes into it for me. I love the boundless aspect of writing sci-fi/fantasy romance.”

“Yes,” I agree, “the boundless aspect is a big part of what draws me into writing spec fiction, too.”

“Azura is working on book three of the Crimson Bane Battles,” Maria chimes in, “but she’s also planning book two of our Sky Streamer Series.” She sips from her cup of dark red Mars brew. “She’s writing the m/m romance, and I’m writing the het plot.”

“Is that the manuscript with steampunk and time travel?” Seleste questions.

“Mmm-hmm.” I look at Julie, who is the author of a YA urban fantasy called Pretty Souls. It involves two sisters surviving in a world gone wrong and a soul stealer bent on making it his. “What is it about speculative fiction that propels you to write it, Julie?”

She sets her cup of coffee down. “The paranormal appeals to me in that it’s set in our world [Earth] right now. It’s a could-be-real-in-your-backyard type of speculative fiction which makes my skin tingle. Don’t get me wrong, I like sci-fi and other-world-fantasy and steampunk, but the possibility that something beyond the normal could be hidden from us right now is too enticing. I’m a believer that romance doesn’t happen in isolation, so I’m more of a strong romantic elements girl. The rest of the story is the main plot for me, and the romance weaves in with it and is affected by it. To me, urban fantasy means possibility and magic.”

The hoverwait brings me a refill. At the table next to us, a man with tentacle dreadlocks laughs so loudly everyone stares.

“One of the things I like about spec fiction,” I state, “is that one story can involve everything from fantasy to sci-fi to even history.”

Everyone nods in agreement.

“What about you, Clare?” Maureen asks. “What’s your favorite thing about speculative fiction?”

Clare Dargin is the author of Kybernatia, a sci-fi romantic mystery, involving terra forming. “I love the challenge of creating new worlds with new species and beings, and I love to see how humanity will respond to the new challenges I dream up.  It’s as if I am drawn to the genre.  I find it very hypnotic.”

Maria pats my arm and asks, “What is our challenge question for today, Azura?”

I reach for a cookie sprinkled with imitation cyber dust. “Actually, I have two questions today. Pick which one you want to answer. First, if you could choose one famous sci-fi character from a book, TV show or movie to travel through space with, which character would it be, why would you choose him or her, and where would you have him or her take you. Question two: Invent something for steampunk that promotes romance. Give it a name, describe it, and tell our readers what it would be used for.

“I’m answering the sci-fi question,” Maria states. “I’d have to choose Mr. Spock from Star Trek. The man knows everything—and that sleeper hold, wow. I see us on a small space ship, taking me to planets, explaining theories to me. I’m sure he could keep me well occupied, showing me the sexual secrets of other worlds. Meeting new beings and with his calming ways, I know I would be safe in his arms while we explore.”—

“Puh-leeze!” I tease her. “It’s only because his ears turn you on.”

She sticks her tongue out at me as everyone laughs.

“Don’t feel bad, Maria. I’m a fan of a doctor of sorts also,” Maureen says, still giggling. “My answer is, Doctor Who—my fave Doctor, number four because we could go anywhere and anytime. Honestly, the sky is the limit with the Doctor and if he finds it limiting, he’ll break through it. I’d like to show him that magic does exist and it can’t all be explained through science… Find the human in him, lure it out with some sweet seductions… There is nothing like a guy who can transcend time and space when showing a girl a good time! Much like the way I write!”

“My turn!” Julie bounces in her seat. “I choose the steampunk question. One of the primary difficulties for teenagers is the does-he-doesn’t-he—or she—of falling in love. So what I’d propose is a contraption that registers heart rate, body temperature, etc., and displays a “heat index” so to speak, thereby enabling the other person to have an idea of whether or not to pursue romance.”—

“I’ll answer the sci-fi one.” Clare grins. “I would choose Obi Wan Kenobie from the Star Wars Prequels. First for his fantastic swordsmanship. I’d be safe with him. Plus he’s good looking too—you know I had to throw that in there!” She laughs. “Besides, I find the Star Wars Universe fascinating from the creatures to the well-thought-out systems of laws and governances in the natural and supernatural to the technology and everything. We’d go to Coruscant way before the troubles started there… I know there’s a time paradox problem with that one but it is my fantasy! My dream is so I can have an older, wiser yet-still-young-looking Obi Wan showing me around Coruscant during its golden age.”—

“Very cool!” I say.

Everyone else murmurs their approval of her idea, too.

“Your turn, Azura,” Julie urges.

“I’m picking the steampunk question,” I begin. “Steampunk offers a huge field for the imagination to play in, so for added romance, I’d invent pantaloons with a front that vibrates through a mechanism sensing the metal in my lover’s “six-shooter” whenever he pressed against me. This way he’d always be in the mood for love and I’d be one happy Victorian-era lady.”

Everyone cracks up. Hey, what can I say? We’re sitting in a space station café full of amazing people, creatures, and technology as we admire colors rivaling any Earth rainbow. Best of all, we’re celebrating because we all have the best job no matter the universe it’s in: we’re authors!

Question for readers: What is your favorite genre of speculative fiction and why?

2 commenters will each win one Decadent Publishing sci-fi or steampunk ebook of their choice!  You must comment by Midnight tonight (June 15th, PST).  Winners will be announced Wednesday, June 22nd!

Buy Clare Dargin’s Kybernatia at:

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25 Responses to “It’s Sci-Fi Day with Decadent Publishing!”
  1. Azura Ice says:

    I had a lot of fun working with the Decadent spec authors on this post. Decadent is an awesome publisher with top-notch titles!

  2. Azura…it’s been such a blast hanging about the cafe with all of you. I’m sorry about the Kraken trying to crash the party. He was abducted by aliens last month and got it into his head that he’s a god…gets a bit tiresome…

    Oooo! Can we get another plate of those cookies?

  3. Thanks for having us at Books On the House! We look forward to giving away some fabulous sci-fi to a few commenters today!

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  4. tvsweeney says:

    I’ve always liked steampunk but didn’t realize that was what it was called until this year! Loved this blog, especially the machine to indicate “to pursue or not to pursue.”

  5. I absolutely love SFR as it combines my two favorite genres into one. I mean, doesn’t everyone across the universe deserve a happily ever after?

  6. Sherry says:

    Post-apocalyptic. I think the way the world is now, it seems like that can really happen and we need to survive. The books are usually fast paced, twisting, raw and most of all, not always a happy ending.

  7. Desiree Holt says:

    Wow! This books looks so great. But of course Decadent authors rock, right?

  8. I have to agree with Sherry! Post-apocalyptic is awesome! Especially if it has zombies! :)

  9. Interesting, all this fascination with post-apocalyptic visions. And zombies.

    *lifts empty glass

    Maybe we all need more booze?


  10. Deena Remiel says:

    Ladies, I’m so happy to see you all together here. I’ve loved science fiction since childhood. Star Trek, Lost in Space, and Wild, Wild West are faves of mine. Your stories look absolutely marvelous, and my kindle’s screaming at me as we speak! lol

  11. hales says:

    LOL Zombies are the in thing! I love sci fi just not able to bring it to life as you fantastic ladies :)

  12. Azura Ice says:

    Wait, there were drinks served today? You mean I missed having a glass of Comet Blaster? Darn!

  13. Azura…I never go anywhere without my bottle of Kraken Rum. ;-)

  14. Kristina Haecker says:

    I haven’t read many sci-fi or steampunk books! Maybe this is a sign that I should start. O.o
    Love the Pretty Souls cover! :)

  15. Kristina Haecker says:

    And I’d go with Mr. Spock!

  16. Love it all, scifi, fantasy, speculative… agree zombies can be good, post apocalyptic good too!

    Dottie :)

  17. Well, obviously Doctor Who is cooler. Bow ties are cool ;D

  18. Azura Ice says:

    LOL, that sounds good! Might try it in some Lunar lemon lime!

  19. I didn’t get a drink at all! I think Azura is hording them again and just saying she didn’t get them. She does this all the time when we go anywhere. Can’t wait to read the rest of the stories here they sound absolutely great!

  20. Azura Ice says:

    Hey, be nice to me, Maria, or I’ll make you write the next sex scene in Sky Streamers book 2 all by yourself! {sticks out tongue} And besides, you ate all the cyber dust cookies!

    Cassandra, I like Dr. Who too! There’s nothing like taking that bowtie off, LMAO!

  21. susanbeamon says:

    Found science fiction when I was 12, 50 years ago. It’s been my main reading since then, although not my only one. Been watching what passes as science fiction in films and on tv that long also.

  22. Azura Ice says:

    Does anyone ever find the changes in sci-fi from early years to now mind boggling? It’s awesome how we’ve gone from black-and-white movies to the spectacular special effects movie makers use nowadays.

  23. Dr. Who…sigh. Though I’m still a Tom Baker fan…even knitted myself one of those 22 foot long scarves.

    I brought some Galactic Gargleblaster mix!

  24. Thanks Kristina! I love my cover too :)

    I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like speculative fiction. It started with the talking dogs and went from there LOL.

  25. Azura Ice says:

    With sci-fi, the possibilities are endless!

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