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Theresa Meyers is celebrating the release of SHADOWLANDER, the first book in her new Shadow Sisters series by giving away 2 copies of her other new release, THE HUNTER.  Yes, she’s a busy writer!

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Dear Reader,

If you haven’t read anything from me before, then welcome to my twisted little world.

Everything that I write tends to have a little bit of a bend to it. Something that’s just off center of normal as I build very complex worlds. I love telling the story about two or more characters, wrapped up in a tale of how they will save the world, but more than that I want to know what makes them tick, why they make the choices they do and the kind of things they have to deal with in a setting that’s different than you and I see everyday.

The idea for the four O’Connell sisters actually came from the four elements. Each one kind of embodies a different element.

Cate, the oldest is more like Fall. She’s beautiful, but can be a little chilly when her mood swings. She can be unpredictable, but also very welcome. As the oldest she’s had more time to live by the O’Connell family rules and have them more deeply ingrained than her younger sisters. She’s also the one who has the most memories of their mother.

Rook Blackwood is the fae Prince of Shadows. As the next in line to inherit the throne of Shadowland, he’s got a heavy responsibility on his shoulders and the last thing he really needs is the complication of falling for someone who’s out of his reach, out of his caste and out of his control. Cate is all that and more.

I enjoyed getting to delve a little into the fae realm, and I hope you’ll take a peek and see just how dark and different fairies can be.

Happy Reading,

Theresa Meyers

Read an excerpt of SHADOWLANDER

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