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Books on the House is excited to have Anne Vincent, author of The Way to Stillness, chatting with us.  She’s giving away 4 books.  Be sure to ENTER TO WIN!


What is it that made you and your mother, Gayle, decide to write this book?


It was the encouragement of those we taught, counseled, and ministered to!  We were constantly getting asked for copies of our teaching, retreat and seminar notes.


Did working with your mother for many years make it easier or harder to work on this project together?


Oh, it was the greatest preparation I could imagine. We had forged a much better relationship in our work partnership certainly than she and I had in my teenage years, ha, ha!


What can you tell us about the Love Motif?


The best way I can express it is how I wrote in the book. “The Love Motif is offering not only our best and healthiest self to another, but also allowing them the freedom to be who they are without limit or condition. The power of the Love Motif will unlock the human mind and spirit and enable people to transcend their circumstances.”


The cover of this book is beautiful.  What can you tell us about it?


It actually looks much like the original window in the door of our counseling room! We wanted to portray light emerging out of darkness hence the golden letters on black.

The red hollyhocks are a tribute to my mother’s childhood in Missouri. After the Great Depression and the loss of their beloved home, she would play with the hollyhocks they had transplanted. She has always described how she would take them apart and fashion little flower people. Being an only child in all that sadness, this activity brought her lots of joy!


What do you hope readers will learn from The Way to Stillness?


That whoever they are, wherever they are, whatever they have done or left undone in their lives, the Love Motif is always there so they can begin anew!


Thank you for being with us today!  We wish you much success.

Read Anne’s thoughts on The Way to Stillness HERE.

About the Author

Anne Alexander Vincent, Ordained Minister of Pastoral Counseling, is the Owner of Cottage in the Woods, a licensed ministry center of the National Christian Counselors Association. She is completing her PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling through the NCCA. With more than 30 years of counseling experience, she has completed her 8th year of intensive training under Dr Patrick Carnes, PhD as a Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist and with the International Trauma and Addiction Professionals as a Trauma and Addictions Therapist.

A large percentage of Anne’s clinical practice serves professional and executive counselees experiencing issues in the workplace as well as those professionals recovering from impairment by chemical and/or process addictions. She has provided aftercare counseling and services for the Tennessee Medical Foundation, the Tennessee Dental Association, and the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program. She has decades of specialization in Codependency, Adult Children of Alcoholics therapy, and recently the Family Recovery Zone through Dr. Carnes.

In1988 she began personal training with Dr.Otto Kroeger, international expert on Type Psychology and author of “Type Talk”. Since this time she has utilized the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a Certified Type Practitioner with individuals, couples and team building with organizations and boards of directors. She has been interviewed about her work in both New York Times and by Time Magazine. Though a native Nashvillian, her global work has included serving on the International Development Council of Ruschlikon Theological Seminary, (formerly in Zurich, Switzerland) graduate work and private training at the Jungian Institute of Zurich, and hands on mission work in Kenya.

She is the coauthor of the upcoming book “The Way to Stillness” due out January 2010. She is a speaker, seminar leader and Divorce Care facilitator.

For the past 20 years,  she has  taught and co-written materials/for the Spiritual Journey program at First Presbyterian Church, Nashville. The current series is “Healthy Boundaries” based on the bestsellers “Boundaries” and “Safe People” by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

Anne’s life includes one marriage of 22 years. She is a single mother of two wonderful adult sons ages 21 and 23.

You can visit Anne online


Gayle Alexander, now retired, has spent the last 50 years of her professional career as a master counselor in private practice, mediator, spiritual advisor, and educational consultant. A graduate of the George Peabody College for Teachers, a Masters program on the campus of Vanderbilt University, she worked with students and their families across the US helping them to find and develop their “best fit” with private secondary schools and college which she regularly visited personally. Whether in US or in Europe, she was a popular lecturer, speaker, retreat leader on college campuses. She served on the International Development Council of Rushlikon, Switzerland and regularly traveled to Vienna, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland.

A native of Missouri, she accepted a position as Youth Minister in Beaumont, Texas where she met and married her husband, David K. Alexander. In 1953, they came to Nashville to serve as chaplains on the campus of Vanderbilt University working with International Students. In 1956, they built the retreat center which would serve as location for her consulting firm, Gayle Alexander and Assoc. which would bless the lives of thousands directly and indirectly.

Gayle has always said “It is not what you know so much as the persons you align yourself with and learn from.” Years spent face to face with mentors such as Viktor Frankl, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Virginia Satir, Norman Cousins, and John Claypool gave Gayle the tools with which to weave her healing approach—The Love Motif. The application and integration of this in her life has brought her authentic peace and harmony.

Gayle is also the creator of the Spiritual Journeys for Woman Program which is now in its 27th year at First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, TN. She has brought her knowledge, expertise, spirituality, and delightful humor to influence several generations. The Spiritual Journeys Program is carried on by her daughters.

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  1. Colleen Turner says:

    This book sounds very interesting and I would love to win a copy. My BS degree is in Psychology and I have worked at both a Behavioral Health Center and a school for children who have been kicked out of the regular school system, so I would love to hear what she has to offer after all her years in the field.
    Colleen Turner

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