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Decadent Publishing; Extraordinary books at reasonable prices

Read on for information about Decadent Publishing, and be sure to enter to win some of their latest titles!


Pricing for Decadent Titles:

Short Story – Up to 10k words –$1.99
Novella – Up to 30k words –$2.99
Mini-Novel – 31k-50k words — $3.99
Novel – Up to 80k words – $4.99
Mega-Novel – Up to 100k words — $5.99


Heat levels for Decadent Titles:

1- Very mild language, romance, no sexual acts.
2 -May contain some coarse language, violence, sexual or sensual situations.
3- May contain adult language, adult situations and violence.
4- Sex and language will be hot, graphic and plentiful. For romance genres, the romance will be the focus of the story with erotic elements.
5- May contain graphic and plentiful sex, graphic language, violence.

Decadence is life with a dash of hedonism,
Those little lovely moments of pure idealism;
It’s the sound of the finest wine uncorking,
It’s going late into the night with friends talking,
It’s the little secret you can’t wait to divulge,
It’s the daydream in which you like to indulge,
It’s the froth in the coffee, the bubbles in the bath,
It’s the one person who always makes you laugh;
It’s the song on the radio that takes you far away,
It’s the private words you found the courage to say,
It’s the shiver of excitement of the first touch,
It’s being taken to the edge where it’s almost too much,
It’s the sunshine felt inside when all outside is rain,
It’s finishing a novel and turning to the front again;
Decadence is you with your indulgences uncaged;
And decadence is what we give you on every page.

by Ross Williams, Poet

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